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BlueStar RNB48 Range Conv. Kit: Natural to LP Gas
For use when converting all RNB 48" ranges from Natural to LP/Propane gas.  All gas conversions should be performed by a service technician, licensed plumber or licensed gas fitter to assure a complete and safe conversion.  If you need assistance in finding a local servicer please contact BlueStar Service at (800) 449-8691.

* All kits are designed for use from sea level up to 2,000 ft.  If you're located 2,000 ft or more above sea level please contact BlueStar Service to order a kit specifically designed for this altitude. *

Models this kit is compatible with:
  • RNB488BSS
  • RNB488BV2
  • RNB486GBSS
  • RNB486GBV2
  • RNB486CBSS
  • RNB486CBV2
  • RNB484GBSS
  • RNB484GBV2
  • RNB484CBSS
  • RNB484CBV2
  • Your Price:$176.00
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